Reasons To Go GLUELESS!

Here at Soo Lush Beauté, we offer glueless units. That’s right, nothing to glue. Our glueless units come with a plucked hairline, bleached knots, and ready to wear, with the exceptipn of cutting off the lace. Take them out the box, cut the lace, and place them on your head. There’s no glue to apply, you’re just ready to go.

Aside from the stylish look of a glueless unit, there are numerous other reasons to go glueless. Let’s take a closer look.

Reduce Damage to Hairline

There’s the risk of damage when applying glue to the hairline. Application usually involves placing a wig cap over the hairline then applying the glue. But there’s still adhesive applied to an area that contains hair. When removing the glue, there’s the risk of also removing hair, and even the entire follicle.

When you’re ready to wear a unit from SLB, all you do is cut the lace and pop it on your head. The styling of baby hairs along the hairline eliminates the need for glue.

Avoid Allergic Reaction

People with sensitive skin run the risk of an allergic reaction of glue used for units. It could start as a mild reaction and progress over time. A reaction could affect the entire face.

The hairline of units of SLB should only need edge control used to lay the baby hairs down. No other substances to worry about. No adhesive to apply to your face. There’s no odor of glue or glue itself.

Ease of Removal

A glue unit has to be removed carefully to preserve the hairline itself. That requires a plan, product and time. Our units slip right off when you want them to. Just pull them straight back, and they’re off. It’s an easy transition from styled hair to bonnet or scarf if it’s time for bed.

This makes it easy to even switch up wig looks if you desire.

Improve Longevity of Unit

With continual application of glue to the hairline of a wig, there’s a risk of damage to the lace. A wig can be repaired, but why risk it. When there’s no glue to put on the hair, the lace stays intact. Let’s clarify, if care is taken to install the glueless unit, damage to lace is avoided. Also, there’s no licensed hairstylist to keep on payroll to put your unit on every time you need it.

If you ask us, these are all wins. Lose the glue with our glueless units. Order your glueless unit today.

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