Cambodian Curly Wave

  • Become the beautiful curly queen with our Cambodian Curly Wave.


    Price is for one bundle only!


    Our raw Cambodian Curly Wave allows you to get the best of both worlds; you get truly defined waves and ringlets. Our Cambodian Curly Wave blends with African-American natural hair. Our hair also can be straighten to perfection. The curls will also revert back when washed.


    Reasons To Choose This Texture: 

    • Defined waves that form into beautiful ringlets
    • 3B/3C
    • Thick hair strands that provide a natural look
    • Medium-low luster
    • Blends seamlessly with styled natural hair leave out
    • 100% raw and unprocessed human hair with cuticles running in the same direction
    • NO synthetic fibers
    • Blends with all hair textures.
    • wavy curly pattern. 
    • Hair can be colored or cut.
    • Flat ironing and curling with heat are 100% safe. The curls will revert.
    • One bundle is approximately 3.5oz (100 grams).
    • Color Ranges from Natural Black to Brown.
    • Sold individually.


    Complete your look with one of our Cambodian Curly Wave Closure or Frontal.